The TNT Shop takes great pride in every job we do. Our goal is to give you with the best quality finish for all your needs. One of the ways which we accomplish this is by using only premium virgin powders.

Meeting these goals is helping to expand our business very quickly. Like everyone of our clients, you can trust in the TNT shop to get your custom media blasting and powder coating jobs done and back to you quickly.

Our Hunterdon County facility has state of the art equipment that can decrease drying time and ensure even and quality protection for all of your important parts.

Click Here to view our photo gallery of items that we have worked on for previous customers.

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Powder is applied electrostatically by charging the powder particles and applying them to the part to be coated. Since the powder is charged, it sticks to the part. The part is then placed in an oven for curing. Curing is when the powder is heated and melts onto the surface.

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  • Protects against chipping, corrosion, chemicals & abrasions
  • No solvents are used
  • Less expensive than wet paint
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Creates a high quality factory like finish
  • The TNT Shop offers media blasting for those parts that need to be cleaned before powder coating. It's very important that each part be free of rust, paint, dirt, etc. before being powder coated.

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